High-Quality Content Makes Advertising More Effective: UM Worldwide’s Joshua Lowcock

CANNES – Marketers want their advertising to appear amid high-quality content that improves the likelihood that consumers will see it and consider buying different products and services. These contextual ads are regaining significance as marketers confront the loss of signals from device IDs and tracking cookies that help with online targeting. “We’ve got to be […]


Contextual Ads Must Be Part of Premium Viewer Experience: Mars’s Ron Amram

CANNES – High-quality content helps to engage consumers, improving the likelihood they’ll see advertising and even consider buying different products and services. These contextual ads are regaining importance as marketers confront the eventual disappearance of technologies like device IDs and tracking cookies that help with online targeting. “The way we do targeting today is going […]


Content, Context & Culture Provide Key Insights to Brands: OMD’s Caitriona Henry

CANNES – The gradual disappearance of tracking cookies and device identifiers is pushing marketers to find ways to reach the right consumers while respecting their privacy. People’s programming choices can tell a lot about their interests and mindset. Those data signals are renewing interest in contextual advertising. “We’re waking up to the fact that consumers […]


Back To The Future: 4As’ Kaplowitz On Context

CANNES — What’s old is new – but that doesn’t mean things should stay the same. In advertising, no-one used to call the manual practice of finding inventory-content adjacencies “contextual targeting”. But, in the wake of challenges to people targeting techniques, the technique has been rebooted for digital. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Marla […]


AI Technology, Subscriber Data Support Contextual Ads: New York Times’s Guy Griggs

CANNES – Putting brand messages next to content that appeals to an audience of likely customers for years has been the basic strategy for contextual advertising. That methodology was overshadowed as advertisers relied on technologies to track people’s online activities, but it’s making a comeback as consumers become more protective of their digital privacy. Contextual […]


News Content Engages Audiences With Contextual Ads: Washington Post’s Joy Robins

CANNES — Brands are renewing their interest in contextual signals that indicate where consumers saw an advertisement as tracking cookies and device identifiers become less reliable for audience targeting. Artificial intelligence technology such as natural-language processing can help to strengthen these contextual signals. “It isn’t just about trying to attach your brand to specific keywords,” […]


The Truth About Context & Safety: IAS’ Marlow

CANNES – The media industry has been through a couple of years in which ad buyers swerved away from news media for fear troubling stories would put off audiences. By and large, industry education efforts have succeeded in telling the story that such an impact is not necessarily true. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tony […]


Ads In News Can Benefit Diverse Publishers: Mindshare’s Richman

CANNES — In recent years, many ad buyers swerved news sites, spooked that the negativity of reality may somehow create negative brand correlation. Thanks to the education work of many publishers and vendors, the industry may now be emerging from that period. And that’s for good reasons, says Mindshare North America CEO Amanda Richman. In […]


Contextual Advertising, First-Party Data Shape CTV Strategies: Camelot’s Sam Bloom

CANNES – Consumers are gaining more tools to protect their privacy, challenging marketers to find other ways to improve the focus of their advertising campaigns. As tracking cookies and device identifiers lose their effectiveness, the context in which ads appear is regaining value as an indicator of audience characteristics. “We’re having to rethink targeting. I […]