Don’t Give Up TV’s Broad Reach: AOL’s Ackerman

CANNES — Time was, AOL was just your common or garden dial-up ISP. Now with a booming video empire and as part of the Verizon footprint, it is becoming a player in the converging TV and advertising spaces. That puts Dan Ackerman, AOL’s programmatic TV SVP, who came to AOL via its acquisition of the video ad-tech provider […]


Tear Down Those Walled Media Gardens: Bough Of Mondelez On Carat Panel

CANNES – Do data and technology that can enhance consumer television and video targeting for advertisers want to be open and uniform, or do they want to reside behind walled gardens? What started as a discussion about programmatic TV ads led to the bigger issue of openness, sharing and uniformity at a Carat-sponsored panel moderated […]


Clients And Tech Late To Measurement Necessity: Bough, Yaccarino, Jankowski, Ackerman, Ray

CANNES — In the old days of advertising, measuring audience was imprecise, but at least it was straightforward. Nowadays, measuring across media channels, and understanding consumers holistically across each, is a huge challenge. But it’s one that might have been advanced quicker, a panel of marketers discussed during the Cannes Lions festival. “The biggest challenge is […]


Media Biz is Shifting from Digital to TV/Premium Video, NBCu’s Linda Yaccarino

CANNES – In light of a successful TV Upfront season and other developments, there is an “obvious” shift from an “over application” of digital video to TV or premium video in decision making of marketers, says Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Advertising Sales & Client Partnerships, NBC Universal, in this interview with Beet.TV This video was recorded at Cannes […]


NBC’s Yaccarino: Better Audience Metrics Happening Too Slowly

CANNES – A palpable sense of frustration was on display at a Carat-sponsored panel that bemoaned the slow pace of the shift to measuring television and video ads based on business outcomes. It started with a simple question from moderator Doug Ray, who is U.S. CEO for Carat: “What do we need to do that […]


Cross-Platform Measurement Improving But Creative Fit Lagging, Says Carat’s Ray

CANNES – Progress is being made on measuring cross-platform audience engagement and proving that advertising campaigns on those platforms are working. But the CEO of Carat USA thinks figuring out which creative messaging works best within a given platform should be happening faster. Doug Ray, in an interview with Beet.TV, ticks off his priorities thusly: […]