CVS, IBM Watson, Mastercard, Nissan and Wavemaker Execs on ‘Breaking the Cycle’ of Digital Media and Advertising

Advertisers are working through a period of major upheaval as rapid shifts in consumer habits coincide with developments in technology, media and the regulatory environment. Amid these changes, executives from a variety of businesses in the past few months have shared their insights with Beet.TV  on what to expect — and the changes they’d like […]


The Cookieless Cookie Co.: How Mondelēz Went All-In For Consumer Data

It may be one of the world’s largest snack companies, with brands like Cadbury, Milka and Oreo. But, when it comes to digital marketing, Mondelēz faced two big challenges: As a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, retailers and not Mondelēz own the data about its customers. The looming deprecation of digital identifiers like third-party cookies […]


Wavemaker’s New Toolset: Geospatial, ML & Identity

The life of a modern media exec is all about balancing amazing new capabilities with traditional tech that is actually drying up. Case in point – GroupM agency Wavemaker is having to negotiate the ongoing deprecation of audience identifiers like cookies. But, even as it does so, the agency is embracing advanced new tools, says […]


‘Cross-Media Measurement Has Potential for Huge Change’: Mastercard’s Ben Jankowski

Marketers are harnessing consumer data more than ever to help with their audience targeting, but they also face significant uncertainties as privacy becomes a bigger issue. That challenge becomes greater as advertisers look for ways to hone their targeting in a more fragmented media environment that includes a growing number of streaming video services. Ben […]


‘Digital-First’ Marketing Vital to Engaging Car Buyers: Nissan’s Allyson Witherspoon

Digital media consumption and online shopping are changing the way the automotive industry thinks about advertising. More consumers are seeking a car-buying experience that resembles the way they buy other products, making digital engagement more crucial. “We’re finally at a place where we’re taking that digital-first approach,” Allyson Witherspoon, U.S. chief marketing officer of Nissan […]


The Next Era of Digital Marketing: IBM’s Stipes on AI Advertising

The next frontier in digital advertising will be using technology to predict which marketing messages are most persuasive with consumers and to deliver them at the right time. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help to personalize advertising while also protecting privacy, balancing consumer concerns with the goals of marketers who fret about the loss of third-party […]


How Identity Turns CVS From Pharmacy To Publisher: de Greve

These days, retailers are not just advertisers who try to reach consumers with messages for the products they sell. In the new digital era, they are also the publisher from which products’ manufacturers buy those messages. Over the last year or two, Target, Walmart and CVS have all launched their own media networks. In this […]


New Year Brings Time to Reflect on Innovation: TrueCar’s Beth Mach

The pandemic has been a catalyst for innovation as businesses find new ways of doing things to help customers, many of whom are stuck at home and rely more than ever on digital connections with the outside world. Creating a positive customer experience (CX) in a website or mobile app is crucial when consumers are […]


AI Powers Insights for Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Influential’s Detert

LOS ANGELES — When Kylie Jenner posts a picture on photo-sharing app Instagram, as many as 208 million of her followers get a glimpse into her glamorous lifestyle and the products she endorses — including her own cosmetics line. The reality-TV star provides a notable example of the power of influencer marketing to raise brand […]


Break The Cycle: IBM’s Bachstein Offers A Fresh Start For Advertising

A new year, for many, is always a time when we contemplate starting over, when we wipe the slate clean and think about moving forward with new intention and new focus. For digital advertising, that fresh start can’t come soon enough. Facing a range of challenges including the disappearance of traditional identifiers, the addition of […]