Ad Industry Joins Forces With Federal Agencies To Combat Digital Crime

ORLANDO, Florida  – For the first time, the digital advertising industry—via the Trustworthy Accountability Group—has a formal partnership with federal law enforcement agencies to combat criminal activity, TAG President and CEO Mike Zaneis says in an interview with Beet.TV. Since its founding, TAG members have been sharing intelligence about bad actors in the digital advertising […]


IBM iX’s Rangaiah On Holding Companies, The Internet Of Things

Whereas an advertising agency used to be the “right hand” to chief marketing officers, now it’s one of many fingers typically owned by a holding company. “The way the holding companies work is they buy a bunch of agencies, but they don’t really work together,” says Babs Rangaiah, Partner for Global Marketing Solutions at IBM […]


Cadent Adds Broadcast To Advanced TV, Cable Offerings

In the race among advertisers seeking efficient television ratings points amid media inflation, it pays to own a trifecta. For Cadent, that trio is cable, advanced TV and the recent addition of broadcast inventory to its offerings. “So many advertisers are having a tough time competing in this marketplace,” Jim Tricarico, CRO of Cadent Network, […]


BlackArrow And Cadent Pairing Yields Consistent, Comprehensive Cross-Platform Reach

Simplicity, transparency and scale aren’t natural bedfellows in a world of multi-platform television viewing and audience fragmentation. Corralling all three to benefit advertisers and pay TV providers was the strategy behind last year’s joining of BlackArrow and Cadent under the Cross MediaWorks umbrella. Some 14 months later, BlackArrow and Cadent serve a combined 200 pay […]

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