How AI Analytics Can Change Ad Campaigns: Course5’s Mittal

A few years after the technology began its surge, artificial intelligence continues being talked about in advertising and marketing circles. But, beyond the abstract, understanding for how AI can help real use cases tends to remain spartan. So, what can AI really do for P&L? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Manish Mittal, SVP of […]


Solving TV’s ‘Massive Excess Frequency’ Problem: Dentsu Aegis’ Ray

“Waste not, want not”. The origin of that aphorism apparently goes back centuries but, in the super-charged TV ad market of 2019, it may be as relevant as ever. Especially for brands. In this video interview with Beet.TV, an ad agency leader says, when he buys ad campaigns across media types, he sees a lot […]


Index Exchange Is Partnering with Roundel for First Party Data

Publishers have an identity problem. Index Exchange is seeking to solve it through a partnership with Target’s Roundel. In June, Index Exchange announced its partnership with Roundel, in an approach to programmatic advertising that uses Target customer data sets to inform media buys. According to Andrew Casale, president and CEO of Index Exchange, the partnership “brings addressability […]


FreeWheel’s Discovery Deal, Explained By GM Marcus

NBCUniversal parent Comcast acquired FreeWheel in 2014, but that affiliation doesn’t appear to have affect FreeWheel’s ability to strike deals with other broadcasters. In a deal announced today, Discovery Inc, which already was a FreeWheel customer, says it will now take on FreeWheel’s “unified decisioning platform to enable holistic advertising management for Discovery’s full roster […]


Up To Half Of Ad Spend Still Wasted: MediaMath’s Gerszke

The outcry over “transparency” in the digital ad ecosystem grew to a crescendo three years ago now, when the ANA’s K2 Transparency Report accused agencies of operating a system of rebates and kickbacks that worked against brand clients by hiding substandard effectiveness. That was just one piece of the problem. Ad-tech vendors also stood accused […]


Convergence Is Not What You Think It Is: Amobee’s Smolin

Despite years of talk of “convergence” in media and technology, there is still confusion about how exactly it should play out on the ground, according to an executive trying to help advertisers better understand the market. “There’s also a lot of confusion around it because oftentimes people think, ‘Oh, connected TV, that’s ‘convergence’,” says Philip […]


Disney/Roundel Alliance Means New Industry Collaborations around Data: PepsiCo’s Subramanian

Already, the announcement made during Advertising Week that Roundel is partnering with Disney to provide data for better-informed ad buys is sparking ideas for other industry heavyweights. Shoba Subramanian, the director of PepsiCo’s global Center of Excellence, sees it as an opportunity for more industry collaboration. “That [partnership] presents what could potentially be a very […] Building TV Attribution Platform for Target’s Roundel

Now that there is a plethora of vendor measuring TV advertising exposure and using attribution technology to link consumer outcomes to that exposure, advertisers will demand a different kind of success from TV. That is according to the engineering and product chief at a company offering such services. In this video interview, Anthony Skinner of […]


Attribution Is Critical for Advanced TV: Comscore’s Wilson

Comscore CRO Chris Wilson wants clients to trust its insight on the future of advanced TV. Comscore’s goal is to help buy-side advertisers get better results from ad measurement. Attribution is critical, says Wilson, and it’s even more critical that advertisers are operating off not just a subset of data, segmented by channel (linear TV, […]


From NCC To Ampersand, Andrew Ward Explains Changes

The organization formed to smoothe the path to cable TV ad sales almost 40 years ago is rebooting itself for the age of data-based TV ad buys. Operated by Comcast, Charter and Cox Communications, NCC Media launched in 1981 to provide a common way for ad buyers to get on to disparate and disconnected cable, satellite and […]


Analytics Driven By AI Understanding: Google’s Stone

A central question posed by one of Google’s leading AI programs is: “What if solving one problem could unlock solutions to thousands more?” That is what Google is trying to solve with DeepMind. And DeepMind has been busy answering that question, including by writing AlphaGo, an advanced AI program that has become skilled at playing […]


Identity Is Far From Solved: InMobi’s Singhal

Around the industry, the challenge of figuring out audience members’ identities has become a leading imperative. But how effective are attempts at solving identity, really? Not effective enough, according to the co-founder of one mobile-specific ad-tech vendor. “Identity is an interesting challenge because that fundamentally drives the entire fabric of digital advertising.” says Abhay Singhal, […]


Nielsen’s Clarken On Brand Safety & OpenSlate Investment

Nielsen is gearing up to plug video brand safety features in to its Digital Ad Ratings, after investing to acquire a minority stake in OpenSlate this month. OpenSlate provides data about the content, subject matter and suitability of more than 600 million YouTube and Facebook videos for advertisers to determine whether the inventory is a […]


Social Impact Is the Foundation On Which Brands Are Built: Dentsu’s Johnson

Purpose-driven marketing is often treated as an empty buzzword. Dentsu wants to change that. Dentsu Aegis Network, which owns global creative and performance agencies like iProspect, Merkle and Firstborn, has built social impact principles into its business that goes across all of its companies. According to Angela Johnson, Dentsu Aegis Network’s US Client Development Officer, […]


Answers Can Be Ads: Quora’s Gullov-Singh

If Google can make a business from showing ads to users asking questions, could a site that is dedicated to questions and answers go one better? Quora is trying. The site, on which users ask and answer questions on a host of subjects, launched its advertising sales effort in 2016 for a handful of clients. […]


Advertisers Need Attribution Beyond Publishers: Nielsen’s Busignani

The emerging world of performance attribution promises to let marketers see when a consumer’s exposure to an ad led to desired brand outcomes, like sign-ups or even purchases. But the world of data underpinning the execution is still coming together. Lana Busignani fears that, for many marketers, it may be too piecemeal. “A lot of […]


After Identifiers, Will Brands Swap Customer Data? Acxiom’s Skinner Thinks So

Over the last 10 years, advanced digital ad buyers have used off-the-shelf sources of data about individuals in order to better target their ads. Lately, however, legislation and tech vendors’ own policy changes mean this super-power is diminishing. Now, it is becoming more commonplace for brands to collect, store and use their own data about […]


TV Attribution Making Buyers Smarter: TVSquared’s Kinsella

The new ability of technology to link consumer behavior to connected TV ad exposure is changing the habits of ad buyers, says an exec trying to spread the software. “Whereas traditionally, (ad buyers) were digital shops, they’re now coming in and saying, ‘what should my mix look like?’, says Jo Kinsella, chief revenue officer of […]


Sorrell On Ads’ ‘Holy Trinity’ & S4’s Push For Growth

It may be barely a year old but, already, the digital ad services group formed by former WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell is making headlines. After its initial capitalization, S4 Capital was kick-started by a pair of key acquisitions – content studio MediaMonks and programmatic firm MightyHive – and further acquisitions will continue to provide […]


First-Party Data Needs Third-Party Glue: LiveRamp’s Howe

Until recently, advanced digital ad buyers used off-the-shelf sources of data about individuals in order to better target their ads. But, lately, legislation and tech vendors’ own policy changes mean this super-power is drying up. Now, it is becoming more commonplace for brands to collect, store and use their own data about their own customers […]

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