The recently hatched YouTube metrics service vidIQ has inked deals with brands such as Revision3, Mondo Media and SalesForce, says Rob Sandie, Co-Founder of vidIQ during an interview with Beet.TV at Streaming Media East. “We help brands maximize views on YouTube and we will help a brand with their Youtube SEO strategy,” he explains. vidIQ does that by working with brands to optimize their YouTube traffic and understand what’s working and not working on that site.

vidIQ offers both free and enterprise versions of its tools. Capabilities include SEO maximization, comment analysis, and mass text description editing. “We have everything from YouTube SEO which lets you mass manage a few thousands videos at once,” he says. The Comment Manager lets brands understand which commenters are worth responding to, which ones to ignore, and which to delete, for example. The company went live with its tools about three months ago.