CANNES – Digital studio Vuguru and distribution partner FremantleMedia are launching two new comedies for the global marketplace, says Scott Nocas, Head of Distribution & Marketing at Vuguru, in an interview with Beet.TV at MIPTV 2013.


At MIPTV, the two companies internationally rolled out the original multi-platform comedies “Fetching” and “Hollywood Help,” stemming from the programming deal the pair inked last year. FremantleMedia is pitching the shows for both linear and non-linear venues. Already, “Fetching” has logged millions of views on AOL, Nocas says.


Here in the United States, Vuguru is putting its energy into the upcoming New Fronts where it will tout several shows, including “The Fuzz” running on Yahoo, billed as “Scarface with puppets,” as well as the second season of “Little Women, Big Cars” on AOL, which has already generated millions of views.


“We think of ourselves like a Warner Bros. TV. We will create great content then work together with distributors to sell it,” Nocas says. The business model for digital programming has shifted in the last few years, with license fees and subscription playing a larger role, thanks to subscription VOD services like Neflix, Amazon and XBox live. “There is a whole new world of niche channels and broad channels and ad-supported and subscription lets you target your audience,” he says.


-Daisy Whitney