COLOGNE –  Digital video isn't quite a four-screen proposition yet in Europe, but mobile video is growing quickly in some countries, notably the United Kingdom, says Owen Hanks, General Manager for Mobile-Europe for video ad network and technology company YuMe. Beet.TV's correspondent Ashley Swartz caught up with Hanks in this video interview taped at the DMEXCO conference.

In the last year, YuMe in Europe has worked on more than 300 mobile ad campaigns with more than 500 publishers, Owens tells Beet.TV.

The growth rate for mobile video in the United Kingdom has been around 400%, he adds. "We have to understand the needs of [each market] before we launch in each market," he says. As an example, mobile video and connected TV are strong in France, while Spain is widening its focus to mobile, connected TV and online, he says. In addition, the type of arrangements and partnerships with publishers in Europe can be very different than in the United States. He explains how in this video interview.

Hanks joined YuMe via acquisition of his company Appealing Media in 2011.

Daisy Whitney