COLOGNE — Multiscren video advertising platform smartclip has sold out inventory in a number of European markets on smart TVs through the end of the year, says Shirlene Chandrapal, VP of Connected TV at smartclip.

Beet.TV's correspondent Ashley Swartz caught up with Chandrapal in this video interview taped at the DMEXCO conference for a discussion on connected TV advertising in Europe.

"Last year we were evangelizing in the market," Chandrapal says. "This year there is so much interest…and brands are seeing the value of buying TV with the effieciency of the Web." Smartclip just launched its partnership with consumer electronics manufacturer LG that it inked in July to sell inventory across 14 markets in Europe, Australia and Russia. The deal covers banner ads, pre-roll, interactive and other formats on smart TVs. Chandrapal discusses creative in connected TV ads with Beet.TV.

The connect rates for smart TVs in Europe varies by country, with the United Kingdom and Germany seeing connect rates of 60%, while Italy, for example, is closer to 35%, Chandrapal adds. Smartclip also works with a number of well-known technology partners such as Brightcove, VideoPlaza, Adap.TV, Ooyala and others. 

She adds that smartclip expects to announce more connected TV ad deals by the end of the year.

Daisy Whitney