COLOGNE — European publishers and sites are often highly focused on the brand control and safety features when inking online video deals, said Kirk McDonald, President of PubMatic, a sell-side platform. Beet.TV's correspondent Ashley Swartz caught up with McDonald  in this video interview taped at the DMEXCO conference for a deep dive into premium, remnant and other types of inventory as well as on the rise in real-time bidding in Europe.

"If you put integrity into the environment what you need to do is find a liquid way to move all the inventory across the demand sources," he explains in this video interview, offering additional insight into pricing and packaging strategies for the European market. European publishers are keen on having control over their inventory, he adds. In general, real-time bidding is picking up speed in Europe, PubMatic has said.

PubMatic raised $45 million in funding this summer

Daisy Whitney