The online video business is one to two years away from the type of meaningful metrics that big brands want, says Mike Racic, Executive VP and Managing Partner for US Portfolio Management at Universal McCann at the Adap.TV conference in New York. Beet.TV caught up with Racic to discuss metrics in online video as well as portfolio management at media agencies.

Big brands still want high level metrics from their advertising campaigns, even across digital platforms, he explains. That's why partnerships such as the ones traditional measurement firms like Nielsen and Rentrak are striking in the digital world bode well for the future of metirics, he tells us. 

"The metrics in digital have always been more focused on repsonse, click-through, cost-per-click, a view-through," he explains, adding that while those are useful metrics, brands often prefer a more expansive insight from a campaign. He also shared details on how Universal McCann approaches portfolio management for its brands.

Daisy Whitney