COLOGNE — European mobile advertising technology company StrikeAd recently opened its first office in the United States as the company aims to grow in the mobile market, says Alex Rahaman, CEO of StrikeAd. Beet.TV’s correspondent Ashley Swartz caught up with Rahaman in this video interview taped at the DMEXCO conference for a discussion on the mobile advertising ecosystem, from mobile ad networks to exchanges as well as the differences between the US and European mobile markets.

Mobile marketing and usage in Europe and Asia has tended to be more advanced than in the US with European markets adopting texting and content before the US, but the US market has caught up and is now pacing ahead of Europe, he explains. He adds that StrikeAd has also opened an office in Singapore as it expands further into Asia.

StrikeAd is a mobile advertising demand-side platform, and that sort of real-time buying makes sense for the medium, Rahaman says. “The match of location to what you know about someone is really made for RTB and mobile,” he says, adding that mobile phones work best for interactive advertising and intent-based ads.

Daisy Whitney