Size matters when it comes to online video players. Consumers were nearly twice as likely to engage with a video ad that ran in a player 400 pixels or larger, according to a Tremor Video study on interaction rates across various players. Beet.TV caught up with Tremor's Doron Wesly, Head of Market Strategy, to discuss the results of the research.

Tremor also found that about 62% of viewers watched an ad all the way through in a 400- to 500-pixel player, while about 75% of viewers finished watching ads that ran in players 500 and 700 pixels.

These findings open opportunities for creative and messaging, Wesly says. "People are more comfortable interacting with video now and a larger canvas opens up the creative. The creative person can add to these messages without cluttering the primary message," Wesly says in this video interview. He adds that many premium publishers are migrating to the 400-pixel or higher players this year.

Daisy Whitney