PARIS — Appointment viewing is a thing of the past and advertising will move to more blended pricing models, says Doug Scott, President of Ogilvy Entertainment, in an exclusive interview with Beet.TV on Monday.

As viewing moves to on-demand platforms, the use of the thirty-second spot is shifting to incorporate social media more, he tells Beet.TV contributor Ashley Swartz, in this video interview. "You see more advertisers creating ads that drive well beyond just putting a URL on something," he says.

Scott also discusses shifts in pricing models as they relate to video. Brands are looking for a blended model that includes cost per thousand to account for reach through media, as well as cost per view that recognizes when someone has seen the content, as well as cost per lead, in which the brand can capture information via an overlay screen, and even cost per acquistion. "The brand is willing to pay through all those models," he says, given that video can provide a higher level of engagement.

For more insight on the impact of social media on TV, as well as best uses for viral video for brands, check out this video interview.  Swartz interviewed Scott for Beet.TV at the UbiQ conference in Paris earlier this week.

Daisy Whitney