Interactive program guide and digital entertainment tech company Rovi said it’s reaching more than 40 million households across its network of connected devices and smart TVs’ says  EVP of Global Media Sales, Jeff Siegel in this interview with Beet.TV

So far this year Rovi has made inroads in connected TV advertising, including via an expanded deal with Samsung to build in additional features into TV spots, such as social media and commerce. In our video interview, Siegel explained how Rovi’s network works across consumer electronics manufacturers, such as Samsung. He also discusses how brands are using different types of mediums, such as mobile and smart TVs, in tandem, and said that Rovi has found particular success in the auto, pharmaceutical and entertainment categories.

In addition to its ad network, Rovi continues to operate its content discovery guides and inked a deal earlier this month to license its entertainment data and show listings to Sony.

Daisy Whitney