Within the first year, the online video industry ad format ASq has generated more than 400 million impressions, said Beth Doyle, Innovations Director at VivaKi, during the Beet.TV online video leadership summit in New York last month.

The ASq format was developed by a VivaKi-led industry consortium and has been widely adopted by marketers and publishers as a standard format that lets consumers choose which online video spot to watch.

More promising data on the ASq’s reception in the market came from Mark Marvel, Senior Director of Video Monetization at MSNBC.com, who also spoke during the panel.

He said that MSNBC.com was the first ASq-certified publisher and that the site’s completion rates of about 85% have remained steady when using the new format, a promising sign that consumers are responding to the ad. “You need premium advertisers on one end and premium content on the other. In the right environment, they’ll engage,” he said.

Daisy Whitney