Marketers aren’t evaluating online video opportunities in a vacuum; they’re considering how online video powers social and mobile activity, and vice versa, and they’re looking closely at performance metrics.

Those are among the key points discussed by Dave Marsey, SVP and Group Media Director at Digitas, during this fireside chat with Jason Krebs, Chief Media Officer of Tremor Video.

During the Beet.TV online video leadership summit in New York last month, Krebs and Marsey delved into some of the key challenges in the online video ad economy such as engagement, measurement and moving money from other media. 

Marketers should consider the dayparts when they’re evaluating engagement with online video to get a better sense of how consumers engage with video by itself and across social channels, based on the time of day, Marsey said.

Engagement, of course, means different things for different marketers. For a CPG client, engagement might be measured in printing out a recipe after watching an online video about cooking. For a travel marketer, engagement might mean looking up hotels after viewing a video, Marsey said. Digitas conducts research into consumer targets for each brand it works with. Engagement metrics, then, should be optimized for each client’s individual needs.

We have published their 20-minute chat here.

Daisy Whitney

Disclosure:  This event was sponsored by Tremor Video and hosted by Digitas at their New York offices.