Popular digital programmer Machinima is a big fan of YouTube's new ad format TrueView, calling it a "game changer," in an interview with Beet.TV at the recent OMMA Video conference.

"We have seen lots of traction for TrueView," said Sanjay Sharma, Senior VP Strategy & Business Development at Machinima, adding that about one-third of its pre-rolls on YouTube are now of the TrueView variety.

True View is a format that gives viewers more control over the ad experience and lets them choose whether to continue watching an ad or not. YouTube has said that most viewers are opting to watch the ads.

Machinima has also found success with branded content, including its series, RCVR, that's sponsored by Motorola and has generated about one million views per episode for each of its six episodes so far.

Daisy Whitney