SAN FRANCISCO – Bolstered by its success in creating video gaming programming, Los Angeles-based Machinima is expanding into more narrative, live-action content, said Sanjay Sharma, Senior VP of Strategy & Business Development at Machinima, during a recent interview with Beet.TV at the OMMA Video conference.

That includes horror, thriller, sci-fi and action programming that has the sensibility of the gamer generation, he said. The programming push is informed by the success Machinima has had so far — it delivered 887 million unique views last month to 85 million unique viewers, Sharma said. "The growth in gaming and gaming-related content has become a cultural phenomena," he said.

He added that Machinima is available on virtually all digital platforms, such as Roku, as well as Android and iPhone apps, but YouTube is the largest source of views. Sharma likens YouTube to an MSO and sees YouTube as the newest wave of content distribution in the same way that broadcast and cable were when they first rolled out. 

Daisy Whitney