Hoping to capitalize on the apps boom, Canadian-based startup Carbyn is banking on HTML5 as the platform that will boost its technology and services, the company told Beet.TV at the recent TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco.

Carbyn is both an apps store and a service that makes HTML apps work on any device, such as a tablet, desktop or smartphone. "You'd want to do this because you want broad reach," said Jaafer Haidar, co-founder and CEO of Carbyn. "Carbyn brings HTML into one place, and people can get the [apps] from one place, run a video application, read news, listen to music," he explained. "It's a huge discovery channel too."

Carbyn also lets developers do their own rights management, insert their own ads and deliver across any device via a browser. The company will make money through a small percentage of sales, via affiliate deal partnerships and through relationships with equipment manufacturers, Haidar said.

Daisy Whitney