Some brands are still unaware of what constitutes premium content online, and will often think first of YouTube and Hulu for online video advertising, even though those sites are still more centered on user-generated content and TV programming, respectively.

As a result, many marketers aren’t aware of the vast range of Web original content even on sites like AOL, Yahoo, or, said Molly Sugarman, Director, Digital Media Innovation at Horizon Media.

Sugarman was a panelist in the Beet.TV Leadership Webcast which originated in the AOL Studios in New York last month.

In-stream and pre-roll ads are indeed familiar to most brands, but premium content in the form of sponsored and branded content isn’t yet mainstream to marketers, she said. That’s why it’s taking time to sell into those channels.

She does, however, advocate that online video can also be a great testing ground for any spots advertisers are thinking of running on TV to see what works. “There is a huge value in web exclusive content. You can get into it for a lot less money and still get the premium share of voice and positive impact on your brand.”

Daisy Whitney