Metrics are starting to improve in the online video advertising business and that’s important given the increasing role branded entertainment is playing for video sites, said Matthew Corbin, Chief Product Officer at DBG, in an interview with Beet.TV

Earlier this month, DBG expanded its business as a video network that produces branded content to now also distribute and monetize video for third parties. Branded content is among the mix of ad formats that will push online video advertising to become one-third of all display advertising by 2014, said eMarketer.

“ROI is still moving forward, and the IAB is still defining what are the right engagement metrics and how do you define engagement,” Corbin said. Increasingly, advertisers, publishers and networks are looking at metrics like completion rates, interaction with an ad unit and engagement with the brand to help define ROI and engagement, Corbin added. “The video space is moving forward with better metrics and better engagement.”

This is the second part of our two-part interview with Corbin, a former senior Google executive who joined DBG earlier this year.

Daisy Whitney