SAN FRANCISCO –  As the online video field becomes more crowded, a number of new technology players are emerging who say they can guarantee audiences for Web videos.

One of those companies is ShareThrough and we caught up with the company's CEO Dan Greenberg at the recent ad:tech San Francisco conference.

He explained that ShareThrough is aiming to be the "Ad Words" of Web video, by driving traffic and views for Web video through social placements across the Web. 

"ShareThrough is a social influence platform and we guarantee brands videos audiences for Web content," he said.

Customers who have used ShareThrough include consumer packaged good companies UbiSoft and Activision, which garnered five million views for its Tony Hawk video game through ShareThrough, Greenberg said. His company also helped drive traffic for the recent viral video hit "Scarface School Play."

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer