Web syndication service and how-to video site 5min.com is generating 3.5 million uniques per month, but the real action is in the company’s distribution platform, 5min’s senior VP business development Richard Bloom told Beet.TV in an interview earlier this month.

That’s because 5min can reach 250 million unique visitors across its distribution network and delivers 22 million video views each month, the company’s CEO Ran Harnevo told me in a follow-up interview. The company raised $7.5 million in a second round of funding last month. The funding is allocated to inking more content and licensing deals and to building out the syndication technology.

5min licenses and distributes video content to partner sites and also pairs those videos with relevant and targeted ads. 5min offers videos in 20 categories and 140 subcategories with some of the most popular being food, home, health, video games, technology and music, Bloom said. Content and publisher partners include WikiHow.com, UltimateGuitar.com, Answers.com and AssociatedContent.com.

Because the Web is so fragmented, 5min relies on its video syndication technology VideoSeed to pair content with ads. The company makes money solely via a revenue share on ads. “Our model is to share the revenue between the distribution partner, the content provider, and 5min,” Bloom said.

–Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer