A media company needs at least a three-year runway before it can take off for profitability, and that’s the goal for the new video destination Take180.com, the site’s general manager Chris Williams told Beet.TV at the NATPE LA TV Fest in early July.

The Disney-owned Web studio that specializes in spoofs and so-called “participatory Web series” launched in late March with three interactive series and is averaging about 1.5 million to 2 million views per month, Williams said.

Already, Take180 has landed some ad support with parent company Disney’s summer flick “G-Force” as one of the site’s sponsors.Though the deal is with a sister company — the film studio arm of the corporate parent — Williams explained that Take180.com has to compete for those ad dollars just as any other site does. Take180.com, like most Web video destinations, is banking on advertising as its primary revenue stream. “Media businesses need runways,” he said. “If you’re not giving a media business three years you’re not giving it justice and you can’t compromise audience growth for revenue early on.”

Williams is betting on the interactive nature of the shows it produces as a key to winning advertisers. Most Take180 series give viewers the chance to participate in “challenges” by submitting videos that are often incorporated into the storylines of the shows, such as “Electric Spoofaloo,” “My Date” and “I Heart Vampires.”

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer

Disclosure: Daisy Whitney has produced content for Take180.com previously.