Since its launch in 2006, Beet.TV has been considered an essential media chronicle of the digital video revolution.       

Unlike conventional text-centric business trade publications, Beet.TV tells its story with short, well-edited and informational videos.   The videos break news, report on industry developments and spots the trends.  The videos provide unique insight into the passion and point of view of industry influencers.

An influential, global audience of consume about 10,000 video views per day.   The videos are viewed on Beet.TV and widely syndicated.

Videos are produced at the Beet.TV studio in Manhattan, at company offices and on location, at industry events such as CES, IBC, NAB, Cannes Lions and Advertising Week.  Many videos are produced at Beet.TV’s signature “leadership” events, which are three-hour tapings produced in New York, Chicago, London and other locations. 

Beet.TV  covers many aspects of  industry including video ad tech; video advertising strategy; platforms for distribution and consumption; web original entertainment and news; social TV and second screen; devices; and many aspects of strategy around discovery, search and syndication.

Most of the 200,00 video views occur off the site via syndication, the embeddable player and other means.  Videos are seen on AOL, TechCrunch, the Huffington Post, Reuters Insider, Dailymotion, NASDAQ.com and many other sites.   

The Audience

The audience is comprised of several groups including:

*Digital Ad Agency Executives

*Marketing Executives

*Content creators, ranging from independent videographer to big production companies to many news organizations.

*A broad universe of start-up executive and entrepreneurs in the digital video space.

*Institutional and private investors

*Analysts and journalists

Business Operations

Beet.TV derives revenue through sponsorships and advertising with a host of B2B advertisers including AOL, Adobe, Adapt.tv, Brightcove, Nielsen, Rovi,  Tremor Video, TubeMogul and several others.   Many of these sponsorships are customized around events and special projects.   The company is a pioneer in B2B “native advertising,” creating strong, influential content that is closely associated to the company’s sponsors.