The Creative Revolution in Video Advertising

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As consumption of video advertising extends to the social feed, beyond the 30-second television spot and in-stream pre-roll advertising, the creative community is being tasked to develop new formats and executions.

Vertical video, auto play, sound-off, captions, and super fast-moving short-form segments are being molded to meet the needs of marketers. And, they are being created to reach an increasingly discerning consumer.

Beet.TV is creating series of 15 video segments with creative agency executives who are trailblazing this emerging medium. The videos will include interviews along with their work in a 3-5 minute video. (Video elements of client campaigns would be valuable but not essential.)

While the series is sponsored by Facebook, the creative executions will not be only for the Facebook platform.

The videos will be published on Beet.TV, the Huffington Post, and by Facebook. Tapings will take place in May in New York, Chicago and London.

To suggest an executive for this series, contact