Online Video Exploding Globally and Starcom’s Amanda Richman Explains Why

AUSTIN – Online video is showing dramatic growth. It is by far the fastest growing ad medium. In a closely watched quarterly report titled Advertising Expenditure Forecasts, the big media agency ZenithOptimedia has just reported that online video grew last year at a blistering rate of 34% to $10.9 billion globally – and it is on track to double by the […]


The Advertising Channel Is Dead: ZenithOptimedia’s Shoreland

There are no longer any advertising “channels”, just technology, says a Publicis division exec. “We should no longer think in ‘channels’ anymore – we think in connectivity and user experience,” according to ZenithOptimedia north America corporate development EVP James Shoreland. Shoreland is working on breaking down silos between technology, data, brands and content: “This is […]