Deciphering the Streaming Conundrum with XUMO’s Joe Lerner

SAN JUAN, PR — Joe Lerner, Executive Director of Advertising Sales at XUMO, has a bone to pick with the complicated jargon of the streaming media space. Diving into an industry replete with acronyms and blurred lines, he advocates for a more straightforward approach to delivering content to consumers. Whether on CTV, OTT, AVOD, or SVOD […]


Back To The Future: Xumo’s Condon On FAST’s TV Time Machine

SAN JUAN, PR — Why new free, ad-supported TV (FAST) services may seem like they are defining a new media model, ad-supported TV was the way much of TV always used to be. Over the last decade, and largely as a response to how the 2009 economic crash hit advertising, subscription video services became the […]


How CTV Is Evolving: XUMO’s Jerrold Son

LOS ANGELES  – TV is evolving from a world that is roughly targeted by demographics and roughly measured by panels. It is becoming one that is precision-targeted to household and accurately measured by on-box data. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jerrold Son of ad-supported VOD service XUMO explains how the mechanics of connected TV […]


Little Things’ Big TV Distribution Deals Include Amazon, Apple TV, Roku

For three-year-old, female-oriented publisher Little Things, specializing in disseminating nothing but good news has become a path to five upcoming TV distribution partnerships reaching 50 million households. According to President & Chief Operating Officer Gretchen Tibbits, comScore data show that at 55.8 million women, Little Things claims the mantles of largest standalone lifestyle site and […]


Viant’s Xumo Makes Web Publishers TV Programmers via OTT

LAS VEGAS — Many web publishers have made a great business – and a big audience – out of online video. Now, could the last mile may be taking that video to the big screen in the living room? Xumo hopes so. The joint venture between Panasonic and MySpace’s latest owner, Viant, is a software layer for […]