Convergence Means ‘Best of Both Worlds’ for Linear, Digital: WideOrbit’s Will Offeman

The shift in viewing habits from linear TV to newer digital video platforms has challenged major advertisers to achieve the same kind of reach they could expect in past years. The availability of more data sources about consumers is helping marketers and their media buyers to improve their targeting and avoid duplication among different platforms. […]


How Impressions Will Boost Local TV: WideOrbit’s Offeman

Local TV broadcasters are eyeing replacing the method through which they have made money for decades – but they have so much to gain, says an executive urging them to do just that. Many broadcasters are contemplating a shift, from the historic method of measuring and selling TV eyeballs using rough “gross rating points” (GRPs) […]


WideOrbit’s 2019 Focus: Open Systems, Digital-Linear Convergence And Data Science

In order for digital and linear media to converge, so too must technology. This is why WideOrbit Chief Product Officer Will Offeman has been busily melding the company’s various acquisitions in the digital space and “marrying it up with the linear side.” Approaching 2019, WideOrbit is working on three initiatives, Offeman explains in this interview […]


Local TV Has Power, Relevance In Linear And Digital: WideOrbit’s Offeman

SAN FRANCISCO – When WideOrbit was founded 18 years ago, the television universe was a whole lot simpler yet it was still too complicated at the local level. “There needed to be a solid foundation and system of record across the industry” that WideOrbit set out to create, says the company’s EVP of Engineering, Will […]