Creativity Must Meet Math In Tomorrow’s Ads: Vonage’s Szumowski

These days, marketers have copious data at their fingertips and can target and sequence advertising with mathematical precision. But where’s the fun in that? “Sometimes, you’ve just got to wing it; sometimes, it’s about gut,” says Vonage media VP Kathryn Szumowski. She believes programmatic advertising technology can enable more, not less, creative advertising. “We want to […]


The End Of The Advertising Era Is Upon Us: BoA’s Paskalis

Lou Paskalis sees a world, not too far from now, in which advertising as an industry is over. Media evolution is coming to necessitate a shift in the way brands reach consumers, from old broadcast to as era in which they must work hard using content to engage. “We’re at the end of the advertising era […]


To Side-Step Ad Blocking, Get Out Of Advertising, Brand Execs

If you believe some of the recent analysis and forecasts for the effect of ad blocking on the business, you would be forgiven for pulling over the duvet and going back to bed. But how are some of the biggest brands reading the apparent threat? With a mixture of trepidation and confidence, according to a recent […]