‘New Home For Vice News’ Coming Soon: Vice’s Delport

There must be something about the air in Cannes that brings out a certain positivity. Vice Media arrived at the Cannes Lions advertising gathering in June with HBO having cancelled Vice News Tonight and Disney having written off its investment in the company. But, speaking with Beet.TV, the outfit’s international and global chief revenue officer […]


Brand Safety Tools Are Censoring News: Vice’s Delport

Over the last year, several news or so-called news sites have found their way on to the blacklists which some ad buyers and platforms use. Some media agency executives told Digiday they had blocked hundreds of news sites. We have also seen publishers like BBC News, News Corp, The Economist and now Vice Media protest that there is nothing bad about […]


VICE Media’s Delport Accuses DSPs Of Censoring Brand-Safe News

COLOGNE — VICE Media has rarely been afraid to pull its punches, always keen to make waves with news from the margins. But how can a company that wants to be ad-funded keep ad-buying brands happy amid all the controversy and harshness of real life? In this video interview with Beet.TV, VICE Media international and […]


VICE Media “Everywhere” Unifies Advertising Buys Across All Platforms

COLOGNE – With its global programming footprint projected to reach more than 80 territories by year’s end, VICE Media today announced VICE Video Everywhere to make buying its advertising easier across mobile, digital and linear platforms. “The market is crying for more video. There is a huge shortage on that market,” says Dominique Delport, who […]


Brand Content Needs Brand Involvement: Vice’s Williamson

There’s a reason it’s called “brand content”. While one of the publishers most commonly associated with the practice is certainly skilled at creating its own content, it says the involvement of paying sponsors is critical. Vice Media head of sales Dawn Williamson says those campaigns don’t just look better; they perform better, too. “We often […]


Behind The Headlines At CES, ‘Significant’ TV Viewing Changes: WPP Group’s Sir Martin Sorrell

LAS VEGAS – At events like CES 2018, noisy headlines about bright, shiny new technology can get ahead of reality. Take advanced television and shifting viewing habits, as seen through the eyes of WPP Group CEO Sir Martin Sorrell. “If you define television as screen and screen hours, there’s a bigger opportunity than there’s ever […]


WPP’s Sorrell Sees ‘Groundswell’ Of Client Attitude for Programmatic TV

CANNES – Sir Martin Sorrell says marketers are changing their attitudes toward programmatic media buying at the same time as the growth of alternative content continues unabated. In this interview with Beet.TV, he also talks about WPP’s investments in content producers and how advertising “in one form or other” is seeping into Netflix. In the […]


VICE Media’s Tom Punch: 300 Hours Of Original Programming While Exploring ‘New Creative Spaces’

VICE Media is spreading its creative wings in both the types of programming it offers and the ways in which brands can engage with its viewers. On the content side, “We speak with a voice that just connects with young people,” says Chief Commercial & Creative Officer Tom Punch. “People like to spend more time […]


Refinery29’s Emmerich: Brands Can Leverage Publisher-Audience Trust With Right Messaging

Giving more power to audiences has helped to build the female-focused Refinery29 while building a trust that benefits brands. But some marketers need to adapt their messaging in order to leverage that trust. “They’re the boss of me,” Chief Content Officer Amy Emmerich says of the company’s audience, which Refinery29 says represents a global footprint […]


Shane Smith on Vice, Brands, Pinterest & Video For Millennials

CANNES — How should a financial giant market to young adults in the digital age? By giving it to them straight. That’s according to Vice Media CEO Shane Smith, whose publishing company us helping Bank Of America do just that. At Cannes Lions, the bank announced the launch of The Business Of Life, a video […]