TubeMogul Rolls Out Viewability in its Ad Buying Software

TubeMogul had rolled out its viewability verification globally into its ad buying software, says Brett Wilson, CEO of video platform TubeMogul in an interview with Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show. The video ad platform has been at the forefront of an industry push for more transparency in metrics since it spearheaded a consortium of industry players […]


TubeMogul: Local Exchanges Help Drive Programmatic in Europe

LONDON — Local exchanges for programmatic buying are beginning to take hold in some European countries, says Nick Reid, Managing Director of the United Kingdom for video ad buying platform TubeMogul in an interview with Beet.TV. “One of the big challenges in Europe is getting publishers to embrace the concept of programmatic buying, and we are seeing […]


TubeMogul Intros Video Viewability Standards for Digital Video Ads

The notion of “video viewability” is quickly becoming an important standard in the online video advertising business. That’s why a group of digital video companies recently introduced a solution called Open VV, for Open Video View, that works with in-stream video ads and determines how much of a video ad is in view and for […]