App Behavior Could Quickly Reveal Black Friday Ad Impact: T-Mobile’s Peralta

Advertisers looking for fast evidence of their Black Friday ad campaigns’ success may want to leverage what mobile networks can see about their customers’ behavior. T-Mobile Advertising Solutions’ App Insights program uses data captured about its mobile phone subscribers’ actual app ownership and engagement to create targetable audience segments. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


App Behavior Creates Audience Segments: T-Mobile’s Zhu

CANNES — Mobile carriers may have a place at the mobile advertising table after all. The networks were initially expected to be big beneficiaries when mobile advertising was in its infancy, but have somewhat sat out the explosion as connectivity conduits. A new T-Mobile technology aims to change that, providing marketers with actual mobile use […]


On Heels Of Spotify Deal, Skinny Bundles Will Go Multidimensional: Hulu’s Peter Naylor

COLOGNE – While the present may seem like the heyday of skinny bundles, things are just getting started. Take Hulu’s recent partnering with Spotify for college students and the pairing of Netflix and T-Mobile. “We talk about bundling products and we talk about bundling video products together, but I think what’s interesting is the opportunity […]