Beyond One-To-One: Nexstar Digital’s Parker Looks Past Identity

Digital ad identifiers like cookies may be drying up – but some media companies think that offers them an opportunity. For many, the current moment is about re-establishing the primacy of publisher-audience relationships. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Susan Parker, chief strategy officer at Nexstar Digital, which recently purchased The Hill for $130 million, explains […]


Ad Buyers Are Defrauding Publishers, Too: Hearst’s Parker

So far, the biggest complaint when it comes to digital ad fraud has come from ad buyers, who fear that nefarious operators in the publishing value chain are gaming the system to show ads in undesirable locations for no effect. But the other side is now getting conned, too, as “sub-syndication networks” duplicate and misrepresent buyer […]


Hearst Reaches Maturity With Programmatic: Parker

Time was, newspaper folk sneered with apprehension at the rise of programmatic methods of digital ad trading, fearing automation in real-time open markets would devalue their ad inventory. But times have changed, and those publishers which have dipped their toe in the water are finding growing returns on their terms. “Programmatic is now a transactional channel […]