Starcom’s Amanda Richman Named CEO USA Of MEC/Maxus Merger

About four months from the merging of MEC and Maxus, Starcom veteran Amanda Richman has been chosen as CEO USA of the as-yet unnamed entity. Coming on board in October, Richman will report to MEC Global CEO Tim Castree. “Amanda is a fantastic choice to be our US leader,” Castree said in a news release. […]


Predicting Human Behavior ‘Scary And Exciting’ To Starcom’s Stopulos

LOS ANGELES – People are unpredictable and messy, so understanding what drives their purchase decisions is truly a work in progress despite oceans of data. Then there are machines like Alexa and Siri, who are slowly nudging humans from the decisioning process. But these realities are what excite Stephanie Stopulos, the SVP of Advanced Analytics […]


Creative Needs To Drive Effectiveness Along With Media, Says Starcom’s Richman

LOS ANGELES – Despite great advances in digital and television audience targeting, platform-specific creative is a milestone the industry has yet to achieve. Until a silver bullet arrives, there’s some “simple stuff” that agencies and brands can do, according to Amanda Richman. “One of them being, let’s bring together all the right parties that all […]