BrightLine’s Aksman On Making Commercials ‘Smarter’, Data Link With Cuebiq

Even as video content providers endeavor to keep up with viewing choices, commercials need to catch up with viewing technology. To do so, they need to get smarter, says BrightLine’s Rob Aksman. “The impetus is on us now to make sure advertising does not fall behind and keeps pace with all the personalization and seamlessness […]


Connected TVs Are Richer Ad Environments: Brightline’s Aksman

LAS VEGAS — The burgeoning array of internet-connected TVs won’t change the industry just because they are connected to the internet – they also offer new ways to interact with content. “In an OTT (over-the-top) environment, it’s a more dynamic environment,” Rob Aksman, founder of BrightLine, which enables interactive ads for brands on interactive TV […]