Brands Are All In On Podcasting: Acast’s Serrander

Podcast listenership has exploded – Acast COO and president Oskar Serrander says that 90 million Americans listen to podcasts every month – and brands are starting to ride the wave. Acast, launched in 2014, is a global podcasting network that serves as the gatekeeper for brands and agencies to the podcasts it hosts, which have […]


Slate’s Jacob Weisberg on Podcasting: “It’s the Most Intense User Experience of Any Medium”

PHOENIX – The audio podcast, long cast aside by many news organizations, is finding a resurgence.   Says Jacob Weisberg, editor-in-chief of Slate Group in this interview with Beet.TV While there has been new attention for podcasts with the success of Serial, Slate has been producing them since 1999.  He says “as a journalist, I […]


Slate, Others, Will Form Network To Exploit ‘Resurgent’ Podcast Interest

CHICAGO — Serial, the episodic non-fiction crime story in podcast form, has re-energized a medium many had thought flickered out before it ever really caught fire – and now web publishers are set to respond by forming a modern podcast network to capture th enew consumer enthusiasm. “We’re seeing a resurgence – a renaissance, if […]