Video Ad Formats ‘Still Not Suited To Multi-Platform’

LONDON — The industry is still not configured to easily producing online advertising that works across digital screens, a panel convened by Beet.TV agrees. Unlike Scandinavia, where 90 percent of pre-roll ads last a mobile-friendly 12 to 15 seconds, most UK pre-rolls are dumped from existing 30-second TV spots, sports video firm Perform Group’s UK […]


Video Ad Networks Must Become Unique To Survive

LONDON — The rise of advanced data-driven and otherwise “programmatic” online advertising sales processes is challenging traditional ad networks to step up and defend their place in the future, a Beet.TV panel of industry execs agrees. “For the development of video as a legitimate channel, they were a necessity,” Videology’s global TV strategy head Rhys […]


Perform’s Wilson: Programmatic Brings New Advertisers

LONDON — We have heard plenty this year on how so-called “programmatic”, data-driven ad spending is revolutionising advertising efficiency. But how does this new method complement traditional video ad sales? Jamie Wilson, the UK sales MD of the large online sports video outfit Perform Group, suggests programmatic drives incremental performance on the margins. “I see […]


Perform Group’s Wilson: TV Metrics Work For Online Video Buyers

LONDON — For a medium so dependent on digital data, it is no wonder the internet has lately seen the rise of super-targeted, highly-efficient “programmatic” ad-buying. But that hasn’t stopped the re-emergence of old-style TV ad-measuring metrics like gross rating point. “When you’re in TV, you’re told ‘there’ll be no such thing as TV’,” sports […]