‘The Effectiveness Equation’: Harnessing the Power of CTV Advertising

LONDON, UK — At the recent The Future of TV Advertising Global conference, executives discussed how international markets were lagging the US when it comes to actually uncovering the effectiveness of connected TV advertising. With some forecasts for TV ad spend showing lower growth, that topic may grow in importance. On the main stage, Nicola […]


Creative Optimization Boosts Attention to Ads: GroupM Nexus’s Nicola Lewis

SANTA MONICA, CA – Television viewers divide their attention among multiple media channels and connected devices, challenging advertisers to form a lasting impression of their brands. Optimizing campaigns to send the right message to the right audience is becoming a bigger priority. “We’ve set ourselves a very, very lofty target that by 2026, every impression […]


How Attention Peaks Are Activated: Finecast’s Lewis

SANTA MONICA — All advertisers and programmers want “attention”. But, in a distractible world, what is attention, exactly, and how does it get made? In this video interview with Beet.TV, one addressable TV enabler explains what research says about TV and attention. Tuning in Earlier this year, Finecast, GroupM’s addressable tv division, published research to better […]


Finecast’s Progress: Taking Advanced TV Ads To 14 Markets

LONDON – It started with an aim to stitch together the advanced TV ad targeting opportunity in its native UK. Now GroupM’s Finecast is embarking on a global roll-out, intent on driving up the commercial potential of the channel. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Finecast’s CEO Nicola Lewis explains the expansion. Helping advertisers “What […]