Brands Have Multiple Ways to Protect Against CTV Ad Fraud: Magnite’s Nick Frizzell

Avoiding advertising fraud on connected television requires continual vigilance as scammers look for weaknesses in the media supply chain. Marketers, agencies, media owners and ad-tech companies can work together to diminish losses to fraud. “The more we can collaborate together, share knowledge, share lists, talk with one another to root out these bad actors at […]


Stopping CTV Ad Fraud In Its Tracks: SpotX’s Frizzell

DENVER – When it comes to connected TV, many people have considered the channel fraud-free – at least, relative to display advertising. But, slowly but surely, fraudsters are following the money to the booming OTT TV landscape. So ad-trading platforms are plugging in fraud-fighting software in a bid to eradicate the problem before it smothers […]