HealthiNation Finds Success in Targeted Syndication

HealthiNation, a New York-based producer and syndicator of original health and medical videos for the Web, is the most widely viewed producer in its sector, having more than double the views of WebMD, according comScore's September Video Metrix.


Remembering My Dad Today, Died of Prostate Cancer

Really sorry for so many of us who have lost dads, brothers, husbands, lovers and friends to prostate cancer.  I lost my dad 13 years ago to the disease. 


Wikipedia has Just 3,000 Videos up, but Much More to Come, Report

Wikipedia has only about 3000 scattered videos on its site, but that may change as the site will allow easier uploading and collaborative editing, Technology Reports.


“Real” Doctors Loom Large on CBS, NBC, PBS and Online

Fictional docs have long been the staple of television, now the real ones are getting some attention.


P2P Networks Hemorrhaging Medical Files, Dartmouth Tuck Professor Finds

HANOVER, NH — Through intentional or mistaken breaches, hospitals and insurers are allowing a large amount of private medical data onto P2P networks such as Gnutella and Limewire, according to a report just released by M. Eric Johnson, an expert in cybersecurity and privacy at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.  The paper will […]


Silicon Valley Millionaire in Quest to Stop Ovarian Cancer, Wired Reports

We read with interest the January cover story in Wired by Thomas Goetz titled “The Truth about Cancer…Don’t try to cure it. Just find it.”