Mediahub’s Piner: TV Advertising Requires a “Human-First” approach

Too often, media buyers see potential customers as ‘users’ or targets.’ They forget that advertisers are in the business of telling stories to real people. That’s the assessment of Michael Piner EVP, Advanced Advertising Mediahub. “The idea here is, that we’re trying to get to humans. Not screens, not platforms. Humans,” he told Beet.TV. “Their […]


The Multi-Currency World Is Really Here: Mediahub’s Piner

SAN JUAN, PR — After much talk, the era of  multi-currency TV planning may really be dawning. That is just in time for an industry that is seeing more and more publishers light-up advertising channels. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Michael Piner, EVP, Advanced Advertising, Mediahub Worldwide, says what is changing. Embracing ads “You […]