Contextual Ads Help to Prepare for Cookieless Web: Ford’s Marla Skiko

Marketers increasingly have to balance the goal of reaching the right consumers in their advertising campaigns with their efforts to comply with privacy laws. Those regulations give people more control over how their personal information is used for marketing purposes. Amid these concerns about privacy, tracking cookies and device identifiers become less reliable for ad […]


Ford’s Roadmap To Safety & Diversity: Marla Skiko

For many of us, 2020 marked the emergence into a whole new world – one ravaged by pandemic and one awakening to a thirst for fairness. For Marlo Skiko, it also marked another change. From being EVP ad ad agency Starcom, Skiko went brand-side at Ford Motor Company, as US and global head of media. […]


SMG’s Skiko: Advertisers Want More Videos For Multi-Cultural Viewers

Advertising networks must provide more specific data to target ethnic online video use that is outpacing that of the populace at large, according to one ad group exec. “If you’re African-American or Hispanic, you’re twice as likely to be sharing, downloading, watching video, texting,” SMG Multicultural EVP and digital innovation director Marla Skiko tells Beet.TV […]