Tubi’s Secret: Deep, Broad Library With Innovation & Cultural Relevance

SANTA MONICA, CA — In the three years since it was acquired by Fox for $440 million, Tubi has expanded its catalog tenfold. But that’s not the only secret to the TV streamer’s success. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mark Rotblat, Chief Revenue Officer, Tubi, says the platform is amassing a significant viewership by […]


Tubi’s Rotblat Expects To Accelerate In A Tricky Market For Paid Streaming

SANTA MONICA — From where Mark Rotblat is sitting, life looks pretty good. And it likely isn’t just the glow from the fall California sunshine. At Rotblat’s Tubi, a streaming TV service that is free to viewers, he is delighting in paid rivals’ current difficulties. And, in this video interview with Beet.TV at Beet Retreat […]


Tubi’s Rotblat Plays The Simple Game With Ad-Supported Streaming

You know times have changed when an upstart OTT TV service can launch a channel for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, one of the most premium sets of sports rights in the world. Tubi’s new FIFA World Cup FAST Channel is likely a product of sitting alongside Fox Sports in FOX Entertainment, which acquired the […]


Original Content Provides Better Context for More Advertising: Tubi’s Mark Rotblat

LOS ANGELES –  The audience growth for ad-supported streaming services is driving more marketers to set aside part of their television media budgets to these newer platforms. Amid that shift, they’re also scrutinizing the content that provides the surrounding context for their advertising campaigns, as they’ve done with traditional linear television. “There’s more attention to […]


How CTV Optimizes Media: Views From Zenith, Tubi, Mars, JPMorgan Chase, Wavemaker, Univision & A+E Execs

In a challenging business environment and with traditional TV viewing waning, a growing number of brands and their ad agencies are leaning into connected TV. There, they can employ data-driven buying, targeting and measurement. But what’s the right balance of digital and linear, and how can buyers wring the best effect from the new channel? […]


Audience Shift to Streaming Makes for Record-Setting Year: Tubi’s Mark Rotblat

The cord-cutting trend has picked up steam in the past year as more households discover the variety of programming from streaming services, including ones that don’t charge a monthly subscription fee. These ad-based video on demand (AVOD) platforms also offer marketers a way to reach target audiences with customized ads. “The shift toward streaming is […]


Tubi Projected to Be $1 Billion Business and a “Core Pillar” for Fox

LAFAYETTE, CA – When TV advertising rebounds, it’s going to be a game enjoyed by different players. Shifting viewing behavior has been compounded by pandemic business economics. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mark Rotblat, CRO of Tubi, the ad-supported video platform acquired by Fox last year, says that leaves providers in the category sitting […]


OTT Platforms Point Way for Cookie-Less Future: Tubi’s Mark Rotblat

LAFAYETTE, CA — While advertisers are bracing for the end of third-party cookies and mobile device identifiers to track online audiences, providers of over-the-top video services have functioned in a cookieless environment for years. Instead, they have developed first-party data about viewers, and enriched the information with third-party sources. “As an OTT company, we have […]


Tubi Gets Personal With TransUnion Data Deal: Rotblat

LAFAYETTE, CA – Could a partnership with a consumer data agency help a fast-moving OTT TV service capitalize on an unexpected boom in viewing? Today, Tubi announced it has done a deal with consumer credit profiling and data provider TransUnion which lets it add offline purchase and profiling data to the existing first-party data Tubi […]


Streaming Wars Heat Up: FOX to Acquire Tubi for $440 Million

The OTT streaming service Tubi will be acquired by Fox Corporation, it was announced today. Last month at the Beet.TV executive retreat, we interviewed Tubi CRO Mark Rotblat about the company.  We have republished the interview and story with today’s news: It may be a fundamentally different business model, but there is one thing advertiser-supported […]


After The Binge, AVOD Can Shine: Tubi’s Rotblat

SAN JUAN, PR — After a couple of years of subscription video-on-demand boom (SVOD), a new model is emerging to capitalize on rumored “subscription fatigue”. Advertiser-supported VOD (AVOD) is bringing ad support back on the agenda, even as the rise of pay-for video services brought many to conclude that the era of ad-funding was over. […]


The Tipping Point Has Happened for Linear TV: Tubi’s Rotblat

Tubi doesn’t just see itself surviving the streaming wars, it sees itself winning. Mark Rotblat, chief revenue officer of the free, ad-supported movie and TV streaming platform, told BeetTV during Advertising Week that the streaming wars help Tubi “greatly.” As more platforms launch, like Apple’s streaming network and NBC’s Peacock, more people will cut the […]


Tubi Teams With Samba TV For Measurement, Adds New Advertising Formats

Advertising-supported streaming television provider Tubi has a new partnership with Samba TV to measure reach and frequency gaps across linear and OTT. The move comes as Tubi is introducing first-position, guaranteed ad pod impressions along with 60- and 90-second formats, trailers and sponsorships. “The marketplace for ad-supported is a coiled spring,” Tubi Chief Revenue Officer […]


Tubi Counting On ‘Subscription Fatigue’ To Ward Off New Streamers

LAS VEGAS—Now that the Tubi streaming movie and television service is “across everywhere,” it’s hoping that subscription fatigue helps it continue to be an advertising-supported complement to Netflix in the face of mounting streaming competition. “Before us there was YouTube and Netflix and that was it,” says Chief Revenue Officer Mark Rotblat. “We are across […]