Data Clean Rooms Are Key for Privacy-Safe Ad Targeting: InfoSum’s Marc Cestaro

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – The growing patchwork of privacy regulations in the United States and across the world is challenging advertisers to find ways to harness their data assets while also complying with the law. Data clean rooms provide a way for marketers and media companies to match their consumer data without commingling the information. […]


InfoSum’s Trade Desk Match-Up Pairs First-Party Data, UID 2.0

A big new partnership deal promises to swell the practice through which advertisers use so-called “clean rooms” to activate their first-party customer data alongside other datasets. InfoSum, a data collaboration platform, says it will integrate with The Trade Desk, which offers a demand-side platform (DSP),  data management platform (DMP) and its Unified ID 2.0 (UID). […]


Embracing Unknowns, InfoSum’s Cestaro Opens Up For Connection

The new world of advanced TV ad targeting is an open field. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Marc Cestaro, VP, Advanced TV, North America, InfoSum, says the optimum strategic approach is not yet known. But he says one thing is for sure – privacy, data and integration are critical. Sum of data InfoSum allows […]


Agnosticism & Privacy At Speed: InfoSum’s Cestaro On The Data-Sharing Challenge

Marketers and publishers want to heed the new audience privacy imperative – but they also want to be able to connect and overlay audience datasets to make their targeting offering better. In that troublesome space has emerged a new class of software product – the “clean room”, or “safe haven”. In this video interview with […]


Modi’s Cestaro Has A Holiday Wish: No More TV Fragmentation

The upcoming holiday season is likely to lead to a greater deployment of smart TVs that may help smoothe the path for advertisers to buy advanced, addressable targeting ad campaigns using the latest OTT technology. That is the hope of the addressable TV leader at Modi Media, the advanced TV wing of media agency Group […]


The Misconceptions Of Addressable’s Youth: MODI Media’s Cestaro

Some world-changing technologies explode overnight, others take years to burn so brightly. Addressable TV may be in the latter category. The ability of marketers to target individual viewing households with specific messaging seems revolutionary. But, though it has existed for several years now and though consumer technology deployment is wider than ever, discussions from successive […]


Universal Addressable TV Buying Will Be Elusive: MODI’s Cestaro

As TV gets lit up with advanced new advertising targeting capabilities, offers new controls for reach and frequency, buyers necessarily start wondering whether the expanding range of options can be unified. That doesn’t look like happening any time soon, says one man leading advanced TV for the world’s biggest ad-buying agency – but it also […]


Next Week at the #BeetRetreat: How Addressable Will Scale In 2019: MODI Media’s Cestaro

eMarketer forecasts that ad spending on addressable TV platforms (those which allow buyers to target viewers or households) will constitute 3.7% of total US TV ad spend in 2019, an overall market which is now otherwise in marginal decline. If the new technology is going to help restore growth to TV ad revenue, it is […]


Sorenson The ‘Apple Pay’ Of Addressable Television: MODI’s Cestaro

As addressable television advertising closes in on some 80 million homes by year’s end, Sorenson Media is emerging as “kind of a new player in this area” with a clear differentiation, says MODI Media’s Marc Cestaro. “They have not only national avails, they have local avails that go across cable and broadcast, which is new. […]