IAS CEO Utzschneider Welcomes 2022 With New “Context”

Having raised $270 million from an IPO in 2021, ad verification company Integral Ad Science (IAS) is continuing an acquisition trail designed to accelerate key growth areas. The company has acquired Context, a Paris-based digital content classification company. Here is is the press release. In this video interview with Beet.TV, IAS CEO Lisa Utzschneider explains […]


Four Reasons Why IAS Is Buying Publica: IAS CEO Utzschneider

A month after raising $270 million in its IPO, ad verification company Integral Ad Science (IAS) is spending almost that much to buy a further step into the world of connected TV (CTV). IAS announced it had acquired Publica, a CTV ads server platform, for $220 million in cash and stock. Now it plans to […]


IAS is Integrated into Twitter & Other Social Platforms Will Follow, CEO Utzschneider

In December, Twitter announced the integration of third party verification vendors to validate advertising in its live feed. Integral Ad Science is one of the providers and its CEO Lisa Utzschneider expects that other social platform will follow, responding to intense marketers’ demands. This was one of the topics covered in this podcast episode of […]


COVID-19 Keyword Blocking Is Down 88%: IAS’ Utzschneider

Education, technology and facts may now be winning back some advertisers who fled news at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this video discussion with John Montgomery, GroupM’s Global EVP of Brand Safety, Integral Ad Science (IAS) CEO Lisa Utzschneider reveals new research showing advertisers’ keyword blocking of news stories containing “coronavirus” and “COVID-19” […]


Don’t Block News, Get More Granular: IAS’ Utzschneider

Amid the coronavirus crisis, many ad buyers, deeming the news too negative to appear next to, are adding virus-related keywords to brand safety tools that let them automatically filter the hottest news story of the day out of their media plans. That is kneecapping the revenue of many news publishers at a precarious moment, and […]


IAS’ Connected TV Fraud Detector Launching In 2020: Utzschneider

If you thought that ad fraud happened on classical digital platforms and would never impact TV, it may be time to think again. Integral Ad Science (IAS), a vendor of digital ad verification software services, has this year beta-tested a new tool aiming to apply similar processes to connected TV ads. Now the new system […]


IAS CEO Utzschneider Aims At Differentiation, OTT & Platform Support

If advertising viewability is, as many folks say these days, “table stakes”, where does that leave one of the original digital ad verification vendors? Integral Ad Science’s (IAS) new CEO says she is focused on differentiation, on Internet TV and on big platforms. “Many marketers are asking IAS, ‘Hey, get in the OTT game’, says […]


Brands Must Optimize Quick Creative Mobile: Yahoo’s Revenue Chief

COLOGNE — Advertisers have got better at using data to derive real meaning from campaigns – now they need to improve the way they port their messages to new platforms. That’s according to the woman who runs revenue at recently-acquired Yahoo. Lisa Utzschneider tells Beet.TV: “We’ve become much more sophisticated over time about how to turn […]


Yahoo Now Reaches 188 Million Video Viewers: Utzschneider

CANNES — Yahoo arrived at Cannes last month ready to talk about video and programmatic. Lisa Utzschneider, the company’s SVP-Sales, Americas, observed that Yahoo’s video offerings now run the gamut from long-form original content (such as a custom opportunity for Honda in “Community”) to short videos in digital magazines to Sponsored Posts on Tumblr that […]