Is ACR The Future Of TV Currency? Sequent’s Spaeth Thinks So

The TV world is engaged in a long-running effort to upgrade its measurement systems, which, traditionally, have involved viewers completing a questionnaire to indicate their weekly viewing habits. If TVs could automatically log viewers’ behaviour and report it back to measurement agencies, wouldn’t that be easier? It’s already happening. Automatic content recognition (ACR) happens when […]


Led By Travel, Marketers’ Perception Of Digital Video Driving Sales Is Growing: Sequent’s Spaeth

Marketer perceptions about the purpose of digital video advertising—branding versus performance—is changing, with the travel category one of the strongest proponents of performance. This is one of many findings of a research report commissioned by Eyeview and conducted by Sequent Partners at the end of 2016. As explained by Sequent’s Jim Spaeth at the recent […]


Video At Inflection Point: From Branding To Driving Sales, Says Sequent’s Spaeth

While brand marketers have employed marketing mix modeling for a long time, it’s not the most effective way to measure the return on digital video. That’s where attribution comes in. “Attribution looks at things at a very detailed transaction level. Individual people and households and devices, so it’s able to really see the impact of […]


Sequent Study For CIMM Identifies Cross-Platform Attribution Challenges

The good news about media ROI analysis is a narrowing gap between traditional marketing mix models and digital attribution models. The less-than-good news regarding an integrated, cross-platform solution: confusion among users is common and available options are falling short of delivering on promises. These and other takeaways were the subject of an exhaustive presentation by […]