Fragmentation Drives Urgency for Improved Media Metrics: CIMM’s Jane Clarke

Marketers are calling for improved cross-channel measurement of advertising to avoid wasteful media spending and to improve the consumer experience with their brands. As seen with the recent demand by Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer of consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble, that media channels become more transparent to advertisers in the next year, improved […]


CIMM’s Clarke Wants More Multi-Platform Measurement

There may be several competing digital media measurement standards already out in the marketplace, but Jane Clarke thinks they don’t capture the full picture, so she wants to plug the gap. Clarke has led the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) since it was formed in 2009 by television content providers, media agencies and advertisers […]


‘Nutrition Label’ For Ad Data Will Spotlight Sources: CIMM’s Clarke

There are now thousands of sources of customer data that can help ad buyers target their campaigns at particular groups of consumers. And many of them now extend to function on the new screen of advanced TV. But, in an ocean of data, how can advertisers catch the sets that are accurate, timely and effective […]


CIMM’s Clarke On The ‘Tricky Challenge’ Of Cross-Platform Measurement

The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement is most likely the closest entity that the United States will ever see to other countries’ Joint Industry Committee approach to bringing media buyers and sellers together. With its latest research, CIMM finds conflicting and oft-times confusing approaches to real-time cross-platform attribution and ROI analysis. “The industry wants to […]