Currency Must Catch-Up To Measurement With Collaboration:’s Muller

The last couple of years has seen a veritable Cambrian explosion of alternative TV currency and measurement systems – but the emerging evolution needs a helping hand before it settles down. That is the view of many industry executives who welcome the recent creation of a Joint Industry Committee (JIC) to iron-out ecosystem differences. In […]


More CTV Equals Better Reach At Optimal Frequency: iSpot’s Muller Reveals NBC Findings

CANNES — It is now more than half a year since NBCUniversal joined the alternative media measurement movement by tapping new-wave measurement provider So what has been discovered so far? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sean Muller, Founder & CEO,, lifts the lids on the main trend lines. Test and learn NBCUniversal […]


NBCUniversal Joins Alt-Currency Movement, Taps For Next Upfront

January 2022 is shaping up to herald a Cambrian explosion of new video currencies. NBCUniversal says it has picked as its first cross-platform Certified Measurement Partner for cross-screen video, starting with a “test-and-learn” approach for the “alternative currency” with Publicis Media this Q1. That will lead to “massive pilots” for the 2022 Olympic Winter […]’s Demographic Upgrade Aligns TV & CTV

SEATTLE – Nielsen may have this week announced its plan introduce the holy grail of media measurement – unified cross-screen measurement – but, with the plan’s full implementation four years away, brands are still left needing to fill the gap. That’s where Sean Muller comes in. The founder and CEO of, a TV measurement […]


Advertisers Want Unified OTT Measurement:’s Bareuther

SAN JUAN, PR — In 2020, advertisers know there is a plethora of platforms through which they can reach over-the-top TV viewers. The complicated bit? Measuring your campaign holistically, when every platform is like an island. In this recorded interview session, Robert Bareuther, SVP of business development at, says advertisers are asking for unification. “They’re […] Building TV Attribution Platform for Target’s Roundel

Now that there is a plethora of vendor measuring TV advertising exposure and using attribution technology to link consumer outcomes to that exposure, advertisers will demand a different kind of success from TV. That is according to the engineering and product chief at a company offering such services. In this video interview, Anthony Skinner of […]’s Muller: Advertisers Leading The Way On TV Attribution

Led by direct-to-consumer brands, marketers are ahead of the curve when it comes to attribution of television advertising spending. “The advertisers have actually been doing attribution for much longer than the media companies and the agencies,” says Sean Muller, Founder & CEO of “So we see the advertisers as actually driving the marketplace forward […]


Consumer Data, Privacy Initiatives As Dissected By Inscape,, Nielsen Catalina

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—Whether it’s Cambridge Analytica or Starwood Resorts, messy and highly publicized consumer data controversies impact every company dependent on such data—regardless of their own practices. This was one of the main takeaways from a panel discussion at the recent Beet Retreat 2018 whose participants represented smart-TV data collector Inscape, analytics and measurement […]


Shrinking The TV Ad Feedback Loop With’s Bareuther

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico— has been a third-party television data provider for the past five years. So when Robert Bareuther hears someone at Beet Retreat 2018 talk about third-party verification and measurement as being “royalty right now,” he takes a bow of sorts. “It’s like de facto. And that’s pretty cool. Maybe iSpot should get […]


NBCU’s iSpot Deal Uses ACR To Prove TV Ad Value: Muller

If only broadcast owners really knew what ads viewers were watching, maybe then they could prove the value of their advertising to brands. But that prospect is no longer just a possibility, it is a reality, and NBCUniversal just became one of the latest to undertake the practice. It inked a deal with, a […]


Seattle Startup Tracks Online Engagement with TV Ads

Consumers search for TV ads online more than 1 million times a day, and those searches can provide useful insight for TV marketers, says Sean Muller, CEO and Founder of in an interview conducted at CES as part of the Mindshare Client Huddle. is a Seattle-based startup that tracks TV ad viewing and the interaction with those ads, […]